Eagle Mountain Magnet provides many extra services for our students. At no cost to families, students may participate in an after school enrichment program that focuses on health, wellness, and academics. Students register for sessions and participate in many activities designed with specific instruction for our students.

Eagle Mountain Magnet students are also able to learn the sport of Archery. Mrs. Parker has taken the Eagle Mountain Magnet Archers to World Competitions repeatedly over the last ten years. She also coaches the Junior High and Senior High teams with similar results. Eagle Mountain Magnet students are able to begin Archery in 3rd grade. Team tryouts begin in 4th grade. Eagle Mountain Magnet Archers consist of 4th and 5th graders who have met the requirements for team competition. Eagle Mountain Magnet 6th graders are able to tryout for the BJHS Archers and compete with our Junior High team which consists of 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students if requirements are met for team competition. Senior High Archers are in 9th-12th grades and must meet requirements for team competition.

Eagle Mountain Magnet has also partnered with the Independence County Wellness Coalition to provide exercise classes for our community. These classes are available at the Eagle Mountain Magnet campus and cost a monthly fee of $10.