Million Word Readers Club

Million Word Readers Club

These students have successfully read over 1,000,000 words through the Accelerated Reading Program with Mrs. Rogers. Congratulations Readers!

Rogan      Leah

Lachlyn Dore       Jayla

Isaac       Amber 

Arianna       Brianna 
Penelope       Anderson


AR Word Count as of February 17, 2017
3rd Grade Mai-Lan Ho 1,169,382
4th Grade Arianna Childers 1,181,661
5th Grade Jayla Cole 2,421,515
6th Grade Rogan Reynolds 4,289,124

The class with the highest words read: 
Mrs. Walmsley's 6th Grade 11,974,482

2nd Grade Minions     Top Minion Reader
     Anderson Fisher  

     Top Minion Class
     Mrs. Nikki's 2nd Grade
Ms. Nikki's Class